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This Is Not The Webcomic You're Looking For, unless you're looking for a comic about a bunch of people who go through life trying desperately to cope with each other, in which case I suppose the title may be a misnomer. Updates on Sundays are like a struck funny bone: painful, with a bizarrely pleasant tingle. (Sunday temporarily means "whenever")

Here it is: a DnD style alignment chart of the 9 core characters in the comic.

If you aren't familiar with the layout, the left column is Lawful, or structured, characters, the right column is chaotic ones, and the center column falls in the middle.
Likewise, the top row is good characters, the bottom is evil, and the center is neutral.

Bios so far, in order of appearance in the above *.png

I have absolutely no idea, which is to say, at this point she might end up just being a regular customer at GamesBottom.

Ed's... something... very possibly his conscience, with whom he has a romantic relationship, a la Piro/Sera from Megatokyo.

Looking at Brad, he is plainly albinistic. Consequently he always wears dark sunglasses. He took up bodybuilding, and it has dramatically reduced the amount by which he is ridiculed, but this is somewhat counteracted by his strong otaku affinities and tendency to act and dress in a manner that casts doubt on his sexuality. For the record, he is a solid 0 on the Kinsey Scale.

Brad's incredibly timid girlfriend. She isn't much of a gamer, and only dabbles because it makes Brad happy. Mostly she loves to read, but has a secret hobby that she won't even disclose the details of to Brad.

The main character, he's based on me. Every action Ed takes is exactly what I would do in the exact same situation, as of when a given strip was written. Yes, this includes his first interaction with Bernetta. I actually made that CtrlAltDel reference while job-hunting. The manager of the (board) game store didn't read CAD and the joke flopped. I don't work there.

Owner-Operator of Margins, a small bookstore near GamesBottom. She was independently wealthy through school, but then decided to let the interest from her trust fund cover the deficit involved in keeping Margins open, rather than use it to live a cushy life. (The name "Margins" was almost certainly funnier before Borders went out of business, but the name will be kept as a nod to the last great chain of true bookstores)

Currently cut and unreplaced.

A retired professional boxer and Bernetta's uncle. He works at GamesBottom to give him something to do so as not to feel too old. He lets his niece treat him like a minion, because otherwise she would never allow his doting.

Owner-Operator of Gamesbottom, a small video game retail outlet, she is authoritarian in all aspects of her life, and very closed-minded. It remains unknown exactly what deal she made with major game distributors to keep GamesBottom open, but her larger competitors shiver at her mention.

*this character has been visually redesigned to look nothing like what you see here


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